Freecell and Spider available.

No ads, no in-game purchases, no Internet connection required. Just the old challenging game that many people loves. Play it in the browser or download it and play it offline.

Release 2

  • Spider 1 suit added.
  • Improved card movement.

Goals for release 3:

  • Spider 2 and 4 suits
  • Klondike
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
GenreCard Game
Made withGodot
Average sessionA few minutes


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Cant move a card from the top of a stack, or a substack. Most freecell I've played allows single card moves from a stack. Thank you for making it ad free.

Thanks for playing it. The plan is to add game variations once I have all five games up and running.


Is this game using some rule set I'm not familiar with? or am I playing solitaire wrong? Moving 10H > 9S > 8H to JC is treated as an illegal move.

These are Freecell rules, which do not actually allow you to move a stack all at once. While the game interface does let you drag stacks around (like the Windows version does), it's really trying to move all the cards individually and will complain if it doesn't have the space to do so.

(1 edit)

You need to have enough "free space" to move a stack. The number of free spaces you have  is computed using the number of free cells in the upper left corner and the number of free stacks in the lower part of the board. 

The formula is X = (F+1 ) * (C+1)

where X is the maximum size of the stack you can move, F is the number of free cells and X is the number of free columns.

I have to review  the code. It's the first version of the game. It's a little bit buggy.

Thanks for playing it 

Thanks for the information, and I just wanted to let you know I managed to be a game in the end :)